Parish Council

Coldharbour Parish Council serves the community of Fairford Leys. The council was established in 2001 and has quickly established a widely acknowledged reputation for working closely with residents, local businesses, partner local authorities and other stakeholders to help build a strong sense of community.  There are 11 councillors serving the parish of Coldharbour and they are assisted by the Clerk to the Council.  The Council also has a full-time Community Centre Manager as well as part-time Community Centre Assistants.  The Council Finance Officer assists the Clerk in his role as Responsible Financial Officer.  

The parish council is kept busy with the work needed to be done to ensure that Fairford Leys is well maintained both now and in the future.  There are still areas that need addressing with regard to adoption and maintenance issues.  The parish council continues to push for early adoption and is currently discussing these and other issues with the District Council and Developers.


The parish council is funded by the council precept – a tax levied on the residents of the parish and managed by the council.