Village Centre

Fairford Leys

 Aerial view of Fairford Leys.

Car Parking

The main car parking area is to the rear of the Co-op and some spaces can be found in the main square and behind the church at Disraeli Square.
church & community centre The Church on Fairford Leys and The Fairford Leys Centre

A combined structure, but separately operated, housing the community centre and ecumenical church form the focus of many activities in the new village.  The Church is an ecumenical Fariford Leys Centre is managed by Coldharbour Parish Council (local authority for Fairford Leys). You can contact the centre on 01286-488262 or email
tower Gateway Towers 

One of the towers (left hand) was originally used as the Parish Council office, but is now used by the Alzheimers Society. The other awaits building – this will be a residential property.
tower Gateway Towers

Matching pairs of towers each of whichcontain flats and form a gateway into the centre, framing Trenchard Street which serves as the main route into the car park.
car park Main Car Park

The main car park forms the corner of the ‘city wall’ and offices form a corner tower three storeys high with wings two storeys high. There are a number of businesses with offices in this building.
cafe Chinese Restaurant/Cafe Bar

It is a significant social element within the centre, the cafe bar faces on to a generous area of pavement which allows customers to spill out into the street in better weather. This site is allocated to a Chinese Restaurant. Space above the cafe is used as residential space.
Terraces of Shops

The terraces of shops face onto the village square and house businesses such as a hairdresser, take-away, estate agents, beauty salons, newsagents, opticians, fish and chip shop, home furnishers, off licence, clothes retailer, etc. The 3-storey terraces are Georgian in style and shop-fronts have traditional styling. The shops form individual units, with living accommodation above.
Nursery School

The nursery school comprises two adjoining buildings. The main building, facing onto the square, evokes a traditional Victorian schoolhouse, while the ancillary building follows the route to the riverine stream. It is run by Bright Start.
offices High Street Offices

The office building are 3 storeys high and house small professional companies such as Dentists, architects, solicitors etc. Their primary entrance is off the High Street. They are Georgian in style, with the appearance of a shop front or house.
health club Health Club

Nuffield Health Club (was Cannons) is located in Pine Street..